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BIZAQ's aim is to help you with the technical aspects of putting your business and data on the web to increase efficiency and save you valuable time and money.

Web Design

From initial planning all the way through to making your web site go live, there are many areas BIZAQ can assist with including branding, layout design & graphics, SEO, Domain registration, Web hosting, statistical analysis, content management and e-commerce.

Project Management

With considerable experience of dealing with clients ranging from small, local businesses to FTSE 100 companies, BIZAQ is well-placed to offer the Project Management you may require to work through the steps you will need to take to bring your concept to reality on the web.


One of the most important aspects of presenting your business online is to display high quality imagery. BIZAQ can provide photographic services that will ensure your business is portrayed in the best light possible.

Web Development

BIZAQ provides the design and development skills required to bring your data onto the web with a user-friendly interface, understanding your data requirements and utilising a variety of database technologies to achieve the goal.

Technical Support

Hardware, software and remote access support can be provided as well as instruction and documentation where required. It is essential that you have confidence in the solution that is being developed and therefore the appropriate support will be there for you at every step of the way.


Qualified system engineer knowledge is on hand to ensure your network is optimised for performance and with the latest technologies.


Some of the projects...

More and more businesses are benefitting from the intelligent use of digital services. Recent projects have focused on easy content management, efficient systems integration, improved search rankings and functional web applications.


Latest posts.

School Milk - Parents can now pay online.

As the present school year comes to an end, the Schools where parents order milk for children over five years old are making preparations for the coming academic year. For the first time, School Milk Services will be able to offer an online payment facility to parents wishing to pay for either half or whole of the coming academic year's milk for their children.

Abbey Forestry - SEO Success.

Over a year after the implementation of the SEO strategy to improve Search Engine Rankings, the results have far exceeded expectations and Abbey Forestry now comes out top of test keyword searches, including "Forestry Worcestershire".

School Milk - Schools can update student info online.

A new facility is now being offered to schools with new intake of reception children in the coming academic year, enabling them to add lists of students online, replacing the previous forms sent by post and input manually.

School Milk - Web App informs schools of upcoming deliveries.

School Milk Services are now providing more information to schools on a regular basis by email to keep them up to date with milk deliveries for the coming month for children over five whose parents will be paying for the subsidised milk.

Abbey Forestry - Implementation of SEO project.

Discussions lead to an agreed strategy for Search Engine Optimisation for Abbey Foresty after years of not achieving the desired ranking in Google searches.

School Milk Services Web Application connection to NMRU.

A link to the National Milk Reimbursement Unit has now been created in order that schools may verify their previous month's government-funded milk deliveries directly via the School Milk Services website. This cuts out all the posting by mail of forms that this system used to entail.

School Milk - Schools can now order and verify milk deliveries online.

Schools now have the ability to specify their milk order delivery quantities for the coming months online. They are also now able to verify the previous month's deliveries online. Around 400 schools in the Bristol, Bath and NE Somerset areas are making use of this facility.

Watts of Westiminster CRM and Web Application is now live.

The Watts of Westiminster Customer Relations Management Web Application has gone live and is providing a web-based system for the company to maintain relations with current and future customers. The Web Application also includes modules that cover the essential process of monitoring samples and approval notes as well as a web service direct link to the courier in order to maximise delivery efficiency.

Upexchange printing machinery marketplace website goes live.

Upexchange's new website is now live and offering a range of printing machinery to view and purchase through the dealers. The dealers have the ability to add and modify their printing equipment. Advertising and Marketing on the site is handled through Google Ad Manager.


IT Consultancy.

With a range of experience covering it's 20 years of operation, BIZAQ has become a reliable source of expertise in many areas of Information Technology.

The Work Process.


Listen to the client and find out what is required, then look at all the options and map out a plan based on what will work best for them.


Working closely with the client on the existing branding with a view to making a contemporary statement that will stimulate interest.


Looking at the business processes for the functionality that will be needed to bring life to the business on the web.


Project management in bringing the solution to fruition. Ongoing support provided.


What clients are saying...

Catrin WardenSystems Manager - Virgin Active Health Clubs

"...a very stable, performant and reliable system over a number of years."

Fiona FlintCreative Director - Watts of Westminster

"The CRM remains the vital tool, used daily, hourly and pretty much core to our structures"


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